Nominees for the FTHF







Congratulations to the following new Inductees of the Field Trial Hall of Fame. The Ceremony for the Inductees will take place at the National Bird Dog Museum on Saturday, February 10th, 2018 at 9:00 a.m. Local Time”.

Pointer and Setter FTHoF
People: Tommy Davis N.G. “Butch” Houston, John D. Seawright
Dogs: Lester’s Snowatch (Owner: Gary Lester)

Brittany FTHoF
People:  Dave Fletcher, Kent Patterson

Retriever FTHoF
People: W. Averell Harriman, Judy Rasmuson
Dogs: Ragin Eye of The Storm (Owners: John Thomas & Bobby Davidson), Volwood’s Peaches and Cream (Owners: Jack and Florence Vollstedt)

English Springer Spaniel FTHoF
People:  Leaman Ames, Jim DeVoll
Dogs: Salmy’s Shamrock Mist “Kelli”, Crosswinds Jake Bentley “Jake”

German Shorthaired Pointer FTHoF
People: Dennis Brath, Philip Casdorph

Cocker Spaniel FTHoF
People: A. R. Ginn, Jr.
Dogs: Chyknell Megan (Owner: A. R. Ginn), Mallowdale Naomi (Owners: Mrs. William Drake, Handler: Fred Bradley)

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Past Hall of Fame Inductee Ceremonies

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