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The Field Trial Hall of Fame

The specific interest in honoring the dogs and people who excelled in the field trial sport began in the late 1930's. Those involved knew that time and careful consideration would be needed in formulating the rules and regulations needed to bestow an honor of excellence on dogs and their owners, trainers and handlers.

In 1953, William  F. (Bill) Brown, editor of The American Field, compiled the necessary rules and regulations governing elections of the field trial dogs and their owners and trainers to a proposed Field Trial Hall of Fame. The list was published in Brown's Field Trials: History, Management and Judging Standards in the anticipation that hall of fame would be established.

In the June 19,1954 issue of The American Field, Brown announced that the Field Trial Hall of Fame had become a reality and nominations were taken.

Dogs were eligible based in their entire careers. People were nominated based in their service and the length of time devoted to the field trial sport. Nominations could be made in two categories.

1. Distinguished Bird Dogs deceased

2. Prominent Persons living or deceased

The first year to vote for inductees was 1954, and the election committee considered a popular vote of ten dogs and ten persons from the nomination ballot. Bird Dog enthusiasts elected five dogs and five people into the Field Trial Hall of Fame that year. In 1955, two dogs and two people were elected and inducted. This marked the beginning of a tradition that continues at the annual Field Trial Hall of Fame.

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Presentation of Plaques by Mr. David Fletcher, Secretary,
Bird Dog Foundation Board of Directors



  Photos below provided by  Vera Courtney and 2014 Hall of Fame Induction booklet (David Fletcher).

Don & Ginger Kidd of Maumelle, Arkansas - Founder’s Perpetual Membership plaque awarded by the Bird Dog Foundation Board of Directors, for the couple’s generous financial contribution in partial fulfillment of the GSP Endowment Fund.


Pat Bramwell
Pat Bramwell of Zenda, KS was honored with a Life Patron plaque developed by her many ESS field trial friends.

Tom Burroughs
A Life Patron membership plaque was awarded to Tom Burroughs of Harvard, Illinois. David Fletcher, Chairman of the Bird Dog Foundation plaque program, greeted Mr. Burroughs at his acceptance.
Marie Langhans
Marie Langhans of Harvard, IL was surprised with the presentation of a Life Patron plaque. Contributors were her many friends in the ESS field trial community.
Dr. Otto Arren Lockee
Dr. Arren Lockee was awarded a Life Patron plaque at the February 8th, 2014 Hall of Fame ceremonies. Dr. Lockee’s plaque is seen here held by his brother; Bird Dog Foundation Co- Founder, Former Bird Dog Foundation Board Member and Executive Director, Capt. (RET) Garette Lockee.
Tom Tighe
A Patron Memorial plaque for Tom Tighe of Hoffman, North Carolina was presented to his widow, Judy, accompanied by son, Douglas Tighe.
Sharon Mueller
Sharon Mueller of Indian Head Park, Illinois - Honored with a Bird Dog Foundation Life Patron plaque, spearheaded by her many ESS friends and field trial associates. Making the presentation was Dean Reinke.
Ray Muth & Billy Voigt
Shown with Life Patron plaques awarded prior to ceremonies are: (left) Charlie Hays, accepting for Ray Muth (deceased) of Tallahassee, FL; (right) Fred Kampo, accepting for Billy Voigt (deceased) of Wisconsin & Colorado.
Jeffrey Steele
A Life Patron plaque was presented to Jeffrey Steele (deceased) of Delavan, Illinois. Accepting his plaque was his wife, Venita Steele, accompanied by friend, Steve McClure.

Mr. Willis Corbett
The President’s Award and Honorary Life Membership plaque was also given to Mr. Willis Corbett on February 13th for his long service to the great field trial sport and faithful support of The Bird Dog Foundation. One copy of Mr. Corbett’s plaque hangs in the Museum and one copy was awarded to him.


Prior to ceremony a Great Dog Plaque was awarded to “High Mileage Hilltop Hustle” – owners, David & Martha Kress, Greensboro, AL. (Shown with plaque is Martha Kress)


Barbara Wade
A Patron Memorial membership plaque was granted to Barbara Wade of Yukon, Oklahoma. A tireless worker and competitor, Barbara’s plaque was received by her admiring and loving friends: (l-r) Mary Crawford, Diana Kubitz, and Mary Karbiner.

Joseph F. Manning
Joseph F. Manning, Jr. (deceased) of Medford, New Jersey - Paul Pollack (right) spoke in tribute to Mr. Manning. Friends and field trialers of various sporting dog breeds jointly contributed for the award of a Patron Memorial plaque honoring Mr. Manning’s kindness and generosity through the years.



Plaques of Appreciation awarded:
Plaques of Appreciation for their service were also presented in February to the following persons: Retiring BDF Board Members Dale Bush and Mike Aldrich; retiring Executive Director, David Smith, for his service; and Patricia Belt, former Gift Shop Manager, for her service.



English Springer Spaniels Field Trial Hall of Fame
 Bev Matthews, Presiding

DISTINGUISHED PERSONS: click on photos to enlarge
Jeffrey W. Miller
Inductee Dr. Jeffrey W. Miller of Rochester, Washington’s Hall of Fame Scroll

G and D Prince Edward
 “G and D Prince Edward” - owners, Don and Joanne Mock of Cupertino, CA. Also pictured at center, Gary Breitbarth, trainer.

English Cocker Spaniel Field Trial Hall of Fame
Hobson Brown, Presiding

  click on photos to enlarge
Hobson Brown of Menoken, North Dakota displays the portraits for the four English Cocker Spaniel Field Trial Hall of Fame inductees for 2014 (All deceased)


Keith Erlandson

Lawrence R. MacQueen

Parkbreck Elm of Bishwell - owner, Tom Ness

Shawfield Glenfire - owners, Andrew Porter/Louise & Dean Bedford
Handler - Larry MacQueen

Retriever Field Trial Hall of Fame
Charles Hays, Retriever Hall of Fame, Presiding
Charles Hays of Pavo, GA, noted trainer and board member of the Bird Dog Foundation, served as presenter during the recent Retriever Field Trial Hall of Fame inductions at Grand Junction, TN.
Donald S. Driggers
Inductee Don Driggers of Robbinsville, NJ, (at right) holds his induction scroll. Also shown at left with portrait is Phyllis McGinn of Oxford, MD.

Raymond Goodrich
Inductee Ray Goodrich of Santa Cruz, CA (left) holds his induction scroll. At right with portrait is Janie Goodrich.

Cashman’s Fat Lady Zingin
 “Cashman’s Fat Lady Zingin” - owner, (left) Dr. J. McNeeley Dubose, Durham, NC; and at right, trainer, Mike Lardy.

J. J.’s Jessie
“J.J.’s Jessie” (Chesapeake Bay Retriever) - owners, (left) Mitch & Linda Patterson, Addison, IL. At right is trainer, Mike Lardy.

Brittany Field Trial Hall of Fame
Rick Smith, Presiding

Rick Smith of Crosier, Virginia served as presenter during the Brittany Field Trial Hall of Fame inductions held Sat. Feb. 8th at Grand Junction, TN.
Rick Smith
Inductee Rick Smith at right. Shown is Rick’s family: (l-r) Matt Linch; Rick’s daughter, Kristin Linch holding portrait; Max Linch; Madilyn Linch; and Rick’s wife, Kay Davis holding scroll.
Louis Andre` Thebaud (1859 -1939).
Inductee Mr. Thebaud is considered the primary founder of the Brittany breed in America. Pictured displaying the awards for Mr. Thebaud are: (Left) Holding induction scroll, Mary Crawford, and (right) Steve Ralph holding portrait with biography.
Shambo’s Dark Shadow
“Shambo’s Dark Shadow” - Shown at center holding portrait is owner, Bernie Crain of Raymore, Missouri. At left with scroll is Mary Crawford, and at right is Bill Norvell.

German Shorthaired Pointer Field Trial Hall of Fame
Peter Kainz, Presiding
Peter Kainz of North Fort Myers, FL was the presenter during the German Shorthaired Pointer inductions for their Field Trial Hall of Fame at recent ceremonies in Grand Junction, TN.
Ray C. Bauspies
Inductee Ray Bauspies, McHenry, IL (deceased) - accepting on his behalf were Mike Aldrich (left), and Keith Richardson (right).
Bob Deitering
Inductee Bob Deitering (deceased) - accepting Mr. Deitering’s scroll was his widow, Sandy Deitering of El Frida, AZ
(GSP HoF, continued)
Leipchen Buddendorff
“Leipchen Buddendorff” -owner, Mary Finley of Encinal, TX (2nd from left, holding scroll). Also pictured – at left Amy Fischer, Peter Kainz holding portrait, and at right, Emily Fischer.
Ammertal’s Kitt v Shinback
“Ammertal’s Kitt von Shinback” - owners, (l-r) Carolyn Stevens with scroll and Gary Stevens holding portrait, both of Caldwell, Idaho.
Red Setter Field Trial Hall of Fame
No awards this year
No awards this year
Pointer and Setter Field Trial Hall of Fame
Bernie Matthys, Presiding
Bernie Matthys Managing Editor, The American Field, & Bird Dog Foundation Board member.
Tony Gibson
Union Springs, Alabama, not present for the ceremony.
Induction into the Field Trial Hall of Fame took place offsite, therefore no photo is currently available.

No photo

Dr. Aubrey F. Morgan
Family and friends joining Dr. Aubrey Morgan of Suffolk, Virginia for his induction are (l-r): Tina Romine, Brad Harter, Park Brinkley, Barbel Fetkoter (holding scroll), Dr. Morgan, Janie Wilkins, and Carroll Wilkins.
House’s Snake Bite
Owner, Tom Faller of Springfield, Illinois
Induction into the Field Trial Hall of Fame took place offsite therefore no photo is currently available.
No Photo

Past Field Trial Hall of Fame Inductees

bulletPointer/Setter Hall of Fame
bulletRetriever Hall of Fame
bulletBrittany Hall of Fame
bulletRed Setter Hall of Fame
bulletSpringer Spaniel Hall of Fame
bulletEnglish Cocker Spaniel Hall of Fame
bulletGerman Shorthaired Pointer Hall of Fame
bulletNational Champions since 1896



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