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The Field Trial Hall of Fame

The specific interest in honoring the dogs and people who excelled in the field trial sport began in the late 1930's. Those involved knew that time and careful consideration would be needed in formulating the rules and regulations needed to bestow an honor of excellence on dogs and their owners, trainers and handlers.

In 1953, William  F. (Bill) Brown, editor of The American Field, compiled the necessary rules and regulations governing elections of the field trial dogs and their owners and trainers to a proposed Field Trial Hall of Fame. The list was published in Brown's Field Trials: History, Management and Judging Standards in the anticipation that hall of fame would be established.

In the June 19,1954 issue of The American Field, Brown announced that the Field Trial Hall of Fame had become a reality and nominations were taken.

Dogs were eligible based in their entire careers. People were nominated based in their service and the length of time devoted to the field trial sport. Nominations could be made in two categories.

1. Distinguished Bird Dogs deceased

2. Prominent Persons living or deceased

The first year to vote for inductees was 1954, and the election committee considered a popular vote of ten dogs and ten persons from the nomination ballot. Bird Dog enthusiasts elected five dogs and five people into the Field Trial Hall of Fame that year. In 1955, two dogs and two people were elected and inducted. This marked the beginning of a tradition that continues at the annual Field Trial Hall of Fame.

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The morning session of the February 6, 2016 Field Trial Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony for the Spaniel and Retriever Breeds began at 9:00 a.m. A Welcome to those assembled was given by The Bird Dog Foundationís Executive Director and Master of Ceremonies, Ms. Tonya Brotherton. Further welcoming remarks were given by Mr. Donald Driggers, President, The Bird Dog Foundation, Inc.; Mr. Curtis Lane, Mayor of Grand Junction; Mr. Jimmy Sain, Mayor of Hardeman County, Honorable Delores Gresham, TN State Senator and Mr. Bob West, BDF Board Member and Nestle Purina Representative. 

Tonya  Brotherton Sen. Delores Gresham Don Driggers
Mr. David Fletcher, BDF Board Secretary, made the presentation of Plaques to the following individuals during the morning and afternoon sessions.
The following persons received plaques during both the morning and afternoon sessions:
Name Type of Plaque
Mary Louise Bath Patron Memorial
Mary Kemper Life Patron Membership
Bob Burchette Life Patron Membership
Lucille Sawicki Life Patron Membership
Dwight Pete Jordan Patron Memorial
Ruth McGee Patron Memorial
Fay Walker Patron Memorial
Eddie Gibbs Patron Memorial
Tom Hance Patron Memorial
David & Marilyn Taylor Life Patron Membership
Milton Burris Patron Memorial
Gerry McKenzie Life Patron Membership
James Page Patron Memorial
James Metcalff Patron Memorial
Tom Smith Life Patron Membership
Roy Pelton Patron Memorial

The Hall of Fame Scroll Presentations for the English Cocker Spaniels were next on the agenda and presided over by Dana Poray.

English Cocker Spaniel Field Trial Hall of Fame
Distinguished Persons:
Harold Bixby

English Springer Spaniels Scroll Presentations presided over by Bev Matthews.

English Springer Spaniels Field Trial Hall of Fame
Distinguished Person:  
Tom Meyer
Pictured: Tom Meyer (2nd from right) with his family.
Deserving Dog:  
Raintree's Sassy Lady
Pictured: Dean Reinke holding portrait of Raintree's Sassy Lady and Tom Meyer holding his Hall of Fame Portrait

Retriever Scroll Presentations, Don Driggers, Presiding:

Retriever Field Trial Hall of Fame
Distinguished Persons:  
Ron Ainley
Pictured: Jane & Ron Ainley
John Kemp Parrott
Pictured: John and Laura Parrott
Deserving Dogs:  
Rebel Chief of Herber
Nick of Time Lone Ranger
Pictured: Charles Hines III, Owner

The Luncheon honoring the Inductees was provided courtesy Nestle Purina. The Afternoon Session of the Ceremonies Inducted the Electees into the Brittany, Pointer/Setter and German Shorthaired Pointer Hall of Fame. A reception followed the afternoon session which was sponsored by American Field.
The Brittany Scroll Presentations were presided over by BDF Board Member and Hall of Famer, Rick Smith.

Pictured Above: L-R: Rick Smith. Group of Nestle Purina Representatives: Jerry Ray Cacchio, Karl Gunzer, Dean Reinke, Greg Blair, Bob West and Terry Trzcinski. Bernie Matthys
Brittany Field Trial Hall of Fame
Distinguished Person:  
Jim Leverich
Pictured L-R: Sheree Lucero, Rick Leverich, Jim Leverich, Elaine Leverich and Delmar Smith
Tom Milam
Deserving Dogs:  
Lane's End Bowtie Annie
Pictured: Tom & Judy Robin, Owners
The German Shorthaired Pointer Presentations were presided over by Peter Kainz.
German Shorthaired Pointer Field Trial Hall of Fame
Distinguished Persons:  
Don Miner
Deserving Dog:  
Uodibar's Koonas
Von Thalberg Fritz II
The Pointer/Setter Presentations were presided over by Bernie Matthys, BDF Board Member and Editor, The American Field
Pointer and Setter Field Trial Hall of Fame
Distinguished Persons:  
Collier Smith
Dr. Ron Deal
Dave Hughes
Deserving Dogs:  
Erin's Bad River
Pictured: Sean Derrig, Owner, and family

Past Field Trial Hall of Fame Inductees

bulletPointer/Setter Hall of Fame
bulletRetriever Hall of Fame
bulletBrittany Hall of Fame
bulletRed Setter Hall of Fame
bulletSpringer Spaniel Hall of Fame
bulletEnglish Cocker Spaniel Hall of Fame
bulletGerman Shorthaired Pointer Hall of Fame
bulletNational Champions since 1896

Past Hall of Fame Inductee Ceremonies


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