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Annual Youth Art Contest  
Deadline is January 15th of every year. 

The Bird Dog Foundation’s Annual Sporting Dog Art contest for grades K-12 is held each year has become very popular with local school age children. We receive hundreds of entries each year from area schools. 

The Bird Dog Foundation’s Annual Sporting Dog Youth Art Contest for grades K-12 is a local art contest, intended for schools or home schools that are within an approximate 50-75 mile radius of the Museum in Grand Junction, TN.

The deadline for submissions is January 15th of each year. The Annual Art Contest Award Ceremony is TBA each year. Please check our website for updates on these dates.

Contest rules and guidelines can be seen & printed out by clicking here:  ART CONTEST GUIDELINES & ENTRY FORMS.




Youth Art Contest Deadline is January 15th of every year.  For more detailed information, see the downloadable Art Contest rules  under the Art & Essay Contests” section of this website.

A few Comments

I was so sad that I was not able to be present for Saturday.
I am so proud of my students. Zadia [Lugo, Division II winner] always works so hard on her art work and has never been a winner. She was so excited. One of my Mexican students family got lost even with the map I gave them Thursday morning. She was so sad she missed it. Another student who was present named Adam ________ told me today in class that his dad had not been proud of him for a long time and that this event made him feel so good. He had an HM prize. You see how exceptional your contest is to my students.
You all always do such a wonderful job. Thank you

Cynthia Chitwood
Byhalia Middle School


Dear Lucy:

Your presentation of the winners of the 2011-2012 Bird Dog Foundation
Sporting Dog Student Art Contest was the best. It is obvious you worked
hard on all the details that were so effectively demonstrated during the

The contest is a witness that it's a vital function of the Bird Dog
Foundation's mission. It makes the Internal Revenue para 501 (c) (3) look
better and better as a true education justification for the Bird Dog

If my count is close to correct there were some 165 people present for the

Great job on your part! Keep up the good work! The most ever! Thanks for
your devoted effort.

Gary Lockee
A Bird Dog Foundation Founder and
Originator of the Bird Dog Foundation Art Contest


Thank you all for an excellent contest/program. I, along with my students, was very proud to be a part of the contest.- Principal Chris Ferrell, H.W. Byers Attendance Center, North MS).


Thanks again Lucy for all you do. This contest is the best run contest I have ever been involved with, and you do a fantastic job. Melissa Corry (Art Teacher, Gifted classes, H.W. Byers Attendance Center, N. MS)

Annual College Scholarship Essay Contest  
Contest Deadline is April 15th, of every year.

The Bird Dog Foundation, Inc. has established a Scholarship Fund to promote interest in wildlife conservation and related subjects. An annual College Scholarship Essay Contest sponsored by the Bird Dog Foundation, Inc. has been in effect for several years now. This contest was created in the hopes that it would enhance scholarly training and education in wildlife and wildlife conservation as well as give financial aid for tuition the college-bound student. 

Eligibility requirements: The contest is open only to High School seniors (Grade level 12) who are preparing to enter freshman year of college or university. Entrants must reside in one of these three states: Tennessee, Mississippi or Arkansas. Entrants must be U.S. Citizens. Entrants may not be related to any employee or sitting board member of the Bird Dog Foundation, Inc.

1) The Bird Dog Foundation, Inc., 505 W Hwy 57, P.O. Box 774, Grand Junction, TN 38039. Phone: (731) 764-2058. Fax: (731) 764-3004. Email the Education Coordinator for Scholarship Inquiries:

2)The Bird Dog Foundation, Inc. does not collect website visitor information.

3) No fees are required to enter the College Scholarship Essay Contest.

4) There are no requirements for students to submit private secure information in order to enter the Essay Contest. Entrant’s full name, complete residential mailing address, email address, phone number for alternative contact if needed, date and name & address of the school they currently attend are asked for on the cover sheet of the essay submission. Other information such as parent’s names and mailing addresses may be asked for if the entrant’s essay is selected as a winner. This information is needed in order to mail invitations and announcements regarding the Essay Contest Award Ceremony. No social security numbers are asked for. All information will be kept completely confidential and not shared with any other entity. If selected as a winner, the student gives permission to share his/her basic information (name, address, phone) for the purpose of awarding the scholarship(s) to the college or university that the winner(s) would be attending.

Strict adherence to the contest rules is required for a winning qualification. Attention to the following instructions is essential as well. It is highly recommended that instructors review a student’s work prior to submission in order to guide the student towards presenting the best essay possible. Please remind your students to check for grammatical correctness and following the instructions.

High School seniors whose primary, home residence is in Tennessee, Mississippi or Arkansas are eligible to enter this contest. First and Second Place winners will be chosen. Winners will receive a one-time scholarship payable to an accredited college, university or other bona fide institution of his/her choice upon proof of registration at that institution. Currently, the 1st Place Award is $1,500.00. and the 2nd Place Award is $1,000.00.

The 2015 - 2016 Bird Dog Foundation College Scholarship Essay Contest winners are:

bulletFIRST PLACE WINNER: Ms. Baylee Parish who is graduating from Columbia Central High School, Columbia, TN. Her essay is entitled: “The Bonds of Captivity”.

bulletSECOND PLACE WINNER: Mr. Alec Marlow, graduating from Southeast Lauderdale High in Meridian, MS. His essay is entitled: ”I am a Hunter”.

The Essay Contest rules and guidelines can be seen & printed out by clicking:


Definitions & Guidelines for BDF Essay Contest


Educational Information regarding the BDF Essay Contest


Suggested Topics for Essays



Annual College Scholarship Essay Deadline is April 15th, of every year.


~All above events to be held at the National Bird Dog Museum~

For more information on these annual contests and other educational programs at the Bird Dog Foundation, contact the Education Coordinator, Lucy Cogbill:

By   e-mail: library@birddogfoundation
By   U.S. Mail: Bird Dog Foundation, Inc., P.O. Box 774, Grand Junction, TN 38039
By   Telephone: (731) 764-2058 Tuesdays through Thursdays during business hours
By   Fax: (731) 764-3004



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