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The 2015 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony for those Elected into the Hall of Fame was held February 7th at 9:00 a.m. at the Bird Dog Museum facility. Invocation was given by Brother Troy Styers, First Baptist Church of Grand Junction & The Pledge of Allegiance to the U.S. Flag was then held. The Welcome to those assembled was given by The Bird Dog Foundationís Executive Director, Ms. Tonya Brotherton; Board of Directorís President, Mr. Donald Driggers; Honorable Jimmy Sain, Mayor of Hardeman County, Honorable Curtis Lane, Mayor, City of Grand Junction and Mr. Bob West, BDF Board Member and Nestle Purina Representative. Mr. David Fletcher, BDF Board Secretary, made the presentation of Plaques to the following individuals during the morning and afternoon sessions.

The following persons received plaques during the Field Trial Hall of Fame ceremony:
Name Type of Plaque
Arthur A. Hower, Jr Life Patron Membership
David Michael Duffey Patron Memorial
Dempsey Williams Patron Memorial
Frank Henderson Life Patron Membership
Garvin Collins Life Patron
Jim Northcutt Patron Memorial
Joaquin Sanchez Life Patron Membership
John Kline Patron Memorial
Londa Warren Life Patron Membership
Norman Basilone Life Patron
Robert "Bob" Reynolds Life Patron
Robert V. Baylis Life Patron
Tom Fife Life Patron

The Hall of Fame Scroll Presentations were next on the agenda and Mr. A.R. Ginn, BDF Board Member, presided over the English Cocker Spaniel presentations to the following:

English Cocker Spaniel Field Trial Hall of Fame
Distinguished Persons:
Elias C. Vail
(deceased) Accepting for Mr. Vail were: Pictured , Back Row, L-R: Lucy Joyner, g-child, Bill Fairback, g-child. Front Row: Barbara Shimer, -gg-child and Susan Olinik, g-child.
Henry Berol
Mr. A. R. Ginn presented the Scroll on behalf of Mr. Berol.
Deserving Dogs:  
Warrener's California Quail M.H. "Storm"
Pictured, Left to Right: Vicky Thomas and Paul McGagh
Creignant Mordred
Pictured: Fred Bradley

English Springer Spaniels Scroll Presentations presided over by Bev Matthews.

English Springer Spaniels Field Trial Hall of Fame
Distinguished Person:  
John Isaacs
(deceased)  Pictured, L-R: Russ Smith, Brent & Rosalinda LeMaster (daughter), Cheryl & A. J. Chicola.
Deserving Dog:  
Ru-Char's Jr. Regent

Retriever Scroll Presentations, Charles Hays, Presiding:

Retriever Field Trial Hall of Fame
Distinguished Persons:  
John W. Thomas, Jr.
Bill Eckett
Deserving Dogs:  
Clubmead's Road Warrior
Candlewood's Something Royal "Windy"
Pictured: L-R: Ken & Brenda Neil

The Afternoon Session of the Ceremonies had an Invocation by Pastor Ricky Watkins, Middleburg (TN) Baptist Church & The Pledge of Allegiance to the U. S. Flag.
The Brittany Scroll Presentations were presided over by BDF Board Member and Hall of Famer, Rick Smith.

Brittany Field Trial Hall of Fame
Distinguished Person:  
Mary Karbinger
Deserving Dogs:  
Just Call Me Roy
Pictured, L-R: Kent Patterson, Tom Ettinger, & Ben Lorenson
Poki Dot
Pictured here with Poki Dotís portrait and holding the Hall of Fame Scroll is Meam Floyd (owner) and her family & friends.
The German Shorthaired Pointer Presentations were presided over by Peter Kainz.
German Shorthaired Pointer Field Trial Hall of Fame
Distinguished Persons:  
Frank Alexander
(deceased) Pictured, L-R: Accepting for Frank Alexander: Terry Chandler, Violet Alexander and Lora Alexander.
Joe Vicari
Joe Vicari (holding his Hall of Fame Scroll) with his family members.
Deserving Dog:  
Rusty's Blue Earth Rexx
Pictured, L-R: Terry Chandler and Steve Lithgow
The Red Setter Presentations were presided over by Allen Fazenbaker.
Red Setter Field Trial Hall of Fame
Distinguished Person:  
Colonel Ed Schnettler
Pictured here is Craig Opal holding the Scroll for Ed Schnettler.
Deserving Dog:  
Dr. Roger & Mary Boser holding Chantillyís Hall of Fame Scroll.
The Pointer/Setter Presentations were presided over by Bernie Matthys
Pointer and Setter Field Trial Hall of Fame
Distinguished Persons:  
Jack Herriage
Jack Herriage pictured here with his wife, Peg, and their family members.
Dr. Pat McIntweer
Dr. McInteer shown here with his family members at the Hall of Fame Induction ceremonies.
Deserving Dogs:  
Whippoorwill Wild Agin
Dr, Jack Huffman, far left, Owner and Hall of Famer himself, shown here with his family members and Whippoorwill Wild Aginís portrait and Scroll.
Miller's On Line
Pictured here, L-R: Mike Furney, Courtney Fiveash, Rick Furney, and Harold Buck.

Past Field Trial Hall of Fame Inductees

bulletPointer/Setter Hall of Fame
bulletRetriever Hall of Fame
bulletBrittany Hall of Fame
bulletRed Setter Hall of Fame
bulletSpringer Spaniel Hall of Fame
bulletEnglish Cocker Spaniel Hall of Fame
bulletGerman Shorthaired Pointer Hall of Fame
bulletNational Champions since 1896

Past Hall of Fame Inductee Ceremonies


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